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  1. Mahdi Nouri, Gas Treating & Processing: Practices in Design and Operation Book, scheduled for publication in 2024 by CRC Press

  2. Eberhard Lucke and Edgar Amaro Ronces, Leveraging Synergies between Refining and Petrochemical Processes Book, 2022 by CRC Press

  3. Mahdi Nouri and Eberhard Lucke, Life Cycle of a Process Plant Book, November 2021 by Elsevier



 Mahdi Nouri and Eberhard Lucke, Condensate Stabilization Process, US Patent #11,339,339, 2022

GPA Technical Reports

  1. Mahdi Nouri (workgroup lead), Process Control in Gas Processing Facilities Guidelines, GPA, to be released in 2021

  2. Mahdi Nouri (workgroup lead), Midstream Facilities Optimization Check List, GPA, 2020

  3. Mahdi Nouri (workgroup member), Brazed-Aluminum Heat Exchanger, GPA Technical Bulletin, 2016

The following GPA Midstream workgroups were managed by Mahdi Nouri and Chip Burkett as key leaders of the Facility Design, Operation, and Maintenance Committee (2014 – 2020):

  1. Plant Project and Design Checklist

  2. Operator Checklists for Select Plant Equipment

  3. Digital / Mobile Technology for O&M Applications

  4. Induced Vibration in Thermowells

  5. Facilities Integrity Inspection Guidance

  6. O&M Maintenance Practice Guidance

  7. Brazed-Aluminum Heat Exchanger Technical Bulletin Update Team

  8. Facilities Design Recommended Practices

  9. Survey of Recent Plant Spacing Recommendations

  10. Facilities Design & Optimization Training Resources List

  11. Guidelines for Reapplying Used Plants and Equipment

  12. Budget Estimate Capital Cost Curves for Gas Conditioning and Processing

  13. Guide for Performance Testing of Plant Equipment

  14. GPSA Data Book Spreadsheets/Formulas


Publications & Conference Presentations

  1. Mahdi Nouri, Sjoerd Hoogwater, Michael Sheilan, Nick Hammond, Midstream Facilities Design and Operation Training Course, GPA/2023

  2. Mahdi Nouri, Exploring Midstream Facilities Optimization to Increase Further Profitability and Reduce Carbon Emissions, GPA/2021

  3. Mahdi Nouri, Keynote Address Speaker for Gas Utilization Topical Conference: Exploring Options for Cryogenic NGL Removal from Natural Gas with  Emphasis on Process Flexibility, AIChE/2019

  4. Jan Wagner, Shale Gas CO2 Conversion to Liquids, Canada Gas & LNG Conference, Vancouver, May 2019

  5. Eberhard Lucke, Unlocking small-scale Gas-to-Liquids, Energy Frontiers International Gas Flare Monetization & Syngas Conversion Forum in Houston, Texas, October 2019

  6. Eberhard Lucke, Introduction to NiQUAN GTL, Energy Frontiers International Gas Flare Monetization & Syngas Conversion Forum in Houston, Texas, September 2018

  7. Jan Wagner, Methanol & Derivatives – Alberta’s Opportunity, Global Petroleum Show, Calgary, June 2018

  8. Mahdi Nouri, Olivier Ducreux, Paul Clewis, and Lorrel Hodgson; Keynote Address Speaker for Gas Utilization Topical Conference: Challenges in the Application of Adsorbent Technologies for Midstream  Contaminants Control, AIChE/2017 

  9. Mahdi Nouri and Eberhard Lucke, Rising to the Optimization Challenge in Condensate Stabilization Units, GPA/2017 

  10. Mahdi Nouri and Eberhard Lucke, Practical Experience in the Operation of Triethylene Glycol Dehydration Facility, GPA/2017

  11. Jan Wagner, High CO2 Shale Gas Conversion to Value-added Products, Next Shale Conference, Calgary, 2017

  12. Eberhard Lucke, Andrew Sloley, and Carolyn Hoepner, Now-Later-Never – Integrating Capital Projects into a Unit Turnaround, AIChE/2017 Spring Meeting in San Antonio, Texas

  13. Mahdi Nouri, Condensate Stabilization Units – Rising to the Optimization Challenge; Mid Continent GPA/2016 

  14. Mahdi Nouri, S. Odueyungbo, and Eberhard Lucke, Exploring Options for Mercury Removal Process within an Existing Condensate Stabilization Unit; with Chevron Co-Author, Spring Meeting AIChE/2016, Houston, Texas 

  15. Mahdi Nouri and Mike Sheilan, Fundamentals of Amine System – Design, Spring Meeting AIChE/2015, Austin, Texas

  16. Mahdi Nouri and Mike Sheilan, Fundamentals of Amine System – Operation, Spring Meeting AIChE/2015, Austin, Texas

  17. Jan Wagner, Bitumen Partial & Targeted Upgrading, World Heavy Oil Congress, Edmonton, 2015​

  18. Mahdi Nouri and John Rizo, Condensate Stabilization: How to Get the Most for Your Money, Spring Meeting AIChE/2013, Texas

  19. Mahdi Nouri, Successful Startup of a DGA System, Spring Meeting AIChE/2011, Texas

  20. Mahdi Nouri, Successful Debottlenecking of a DEA System, 90th Annual Convention GPA/2011, San Antonio, TX

  21. Mahdi Nouri and Jafar Mesbah, A Verified Computer Model for Corrosion Rate Prediction in a Di-ethanol Amine System Using Field Data, NACE/2008, New Orleans, Louisiana

  22. Mahdi Nouri and Dannie R. Clarida, Interaction of Process Design, Operating Conditions and Corrosion in Amine Systems, NACE/2007, Nashville, Tennessee

  23. Mahdi Nouri et al, Refrigeration System Optimization in NGL Recovery Plant, GPA Europe/2006, Oslo, Norway

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