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05/24/2022 | Condensate Stabilization Process, US Patent #11,339,339

We are proud to announce that the Condensate Stabilization Process, US Patent #11,339,339 was granted.

Triumph team has executed several condensate stabilization PreFEED studies.  Condensate stabilization is one of the common process units in the gas processing world.

Condensate stabilization is one of the common process units in the gas processing world.  Process configurations, major operating parameters, equipment sizing, energy-saving, GHG emissions, and product quality are key considerations during the design of new units and the debottlenecking of existing assets.

It is recommended that the best process configuration, appropriate equipment design margins, and sizing be used to ensure acceptable operational flexibility (particularly for water separation from hydrocarbon condensate).  This process is chosen over the other process configurations through screening the following criteria:

  • Acceptable capital cost, within the limits of study accuracy

  • Lowest operating cost in terms of steam and electricity consumption

  • Lowest GHG emissions

  • Relatively low process complexity should lead to higher availability and lower maintenance costs in the long term, yielding the highest potential return to plant stakeholders.

Based on this analysis and alternatives comparison, the following conclusions can be drawn through the selection of the optimum process configuration:

  • Optimizing feed splitting and feed tray location to reduce reboiler duty and tower size

  • Off-gas compressor power and aftercooler duty are optimized

  • Optimized operating cost with obvious zero-cost options.


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