• We offer a world of solutions in Upstream, Midstream, LNG, Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage, and Hydrogen sector both in greenfield and brownfield as consultants and engineers to project owners.

  • Expert and in-depth advice that delivers you lean and fit-for-purpose execution of Pre-FEED & FEED packages and cost-effective solutions to increase customer profitability and cut carbon emissions.

  • No exclusive relationship with any technology providers.

  • Extensive experience in the evaluation and development of CC[U]S projects start from source through to commercials CO2 capture technologies, compression, dehydration, transportation, and underground injection.

  • Fully competent in all pre-treatment, cryogenic gas processing, LNG/FLNG/LNG Reg, NGL Fractionation, and CCUS technologies.​

  • Highly qualified team for owner’s engineer (OE) and program management consultancy (PMC)

  • Expert in Technical Services (operational excellence service & continues remote monitoring service)

  • Highly experienced in evaluating and developing water treatment projects.

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